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Website design process
French tutoring from a former Parisian.

Tara has since ceased her teaching activities to focus on other ventures.
The project has therefore remained in a hiatus, but it gives us an insight on the process of web designing.
Let's get started!


web design wireframe Ux ui

  The existing website was no longer operationnal and henceforth the design had to be redone from the ground up.

Step 1

  The first step in our webdesign process is to assess what you want featured on your website and what is relevant to be featured.

  We’ll also discuss what hosting solutions would be best suited for your needs and use, and select the best option.
  This first step takes the form of a conversation, during which we get to better know you and your product. Paralleled by email exchanges to make sure all is documented.

Step 2

  Once all the needs and wants are listed, we propose a wire-frame with basic shapes symbolizing the features and their placement (as illustrated).

  What is crucial at this step is the UX and layout of the elements that will determine the visitors’ navigation. Styling and Ui design intervene in the later stages.
  A prototype version of the copy-writing is also implemented during this stage, and refined all throughout the process.

Step 3:
Designing the Hero section

Once all the featured elements are all set into their definitive layout, we add the colors, spice and styling to the Hero Section. This top section is paramount as it is the first impression your visitors will get. It also sets the tone for the rest of the website.

Proposal A

web design hero section proposal a

Proposal B

web design hero section proposal b

Step 4:
Final Proposition

The client having chosen one (or two in this case) artistic direction, we implement the styling to the wire-frame to help the client make a final decision before development.

We refine this proposal until it corresponds perfectly to your vision.

Step 5:
Web developpment

Finally, when the layout, Ux design and Ui design are confirmed by both the client and our lead designer, our developers code the website into the desired web solution (Wordpress, Webflow, Elementor, hard code, etc...). Final tweaks in texts and the definitive assets are put in place and before long, the website is fully operational.

As a disclaimer, yes we put Matrix code instead of proper lines of code. It looks way cooler!

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